Love Others

Did you know that one of the proven ways to increase happiness is to love other people? Human beings were created by God to love others and to live in community. At Union, we strive to love others in all that we do. We welcome each other to worship, we pray for each other and visit when we are sick, and we celebrate life’s accomplishments together. We are a loving community.

The Deacons serve Union by formally expressing the love of God to members of our community. They write thousands of cards and make hundreds of visits and phone calls each year. Being remembered and cared for by a church community is a profound help during times of trouble.

We also offer what we call “Discipleship Dinners” on the second Wednesday of the month during the school year. This is an intergeneration Christian Education event. We share a meal, play a game, make some crafts, and enjoy a little informal worship with communion.

The men share breakfast at Nicolet Cafe (in Saint Peter) each Thursday at 8:00 a.m. The women lunch there once a month (call the church for details).

Come, join us! We welcome you as a part of God’s loving community!